Frightening but wonderful analysis. Bringing down Capitalism is the goal of the inner sanctum environmentalists. Attacking energy was always a good target and hooking into people's 'feelings' has always been the trick of those onnthe Left. Physics will win but we have much more tradgey to come, especially in the outer 2 concentrics - mainly because they are out of sight for most of the West.

Here in the UK I can remember the Labour Govt in the early 2000s kicking nuclear down the corridor, but all parties have failed us terribly. I would dearly love for all politicians and business leaders to be answerable but they won't be. They will have their Honours and made their millions and we will be left paying.

A political revolution is necessary along with a whole load of self-inflicted pain.

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a good article, except you are too focusing on CO2 reduction.


it doesn’t do any harm.

it doesn’t drive CC, and even if we imagine that it did, as a matter of thought experiment: human-made CO2 is a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction anyway, and won’t change anything, even if we all stop to breathe.

grasp the problem at its root: all this CO2-based green scam is nothing but a scam, a ponzi scheme on a highest level, enacted to maintain endless crisis style governance and economy, because it’s the only style that allows those in power right now to cancel rights and freedoms of the general population and usher in totalitarian neo-feudal regime, where all of us will be just powerless serfs, or a mere herds of humanoid cattle.

the damage they inflict on us, the degradation of our life standards isn’t some unintended collateral here. it’s in fact the main goal of the scammers.

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Fully agree that green energy is the biggest racketeering scam in human history. And Germany is set up to take a huge fall. Then why does the DAX defy gravity day after day ? I'm seriously trying to understand if this is manipulated as well.

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Thank you for this clear picture of the "Green New Deal" age. The Progressives are clearly hell-bent on making the Green New Deal a self-fulfilling straitjacket for Western Civilization. Sometime in the 1990, a TV reporter interviewed a high official at the US National Institute of Health. That man said calmly and clearly, "What the world needs is a good pandemic." This statement chilled me to the bone, and the ensuing 20 years have proved that he wasn't kidding. Anyone who thinks that the Progressives are out to save the planet is only half right. They are out to save the planet for themselves. No one else matters in the least.

It's about time the rest of humanity wakes up to the New Fascism that the Green Progressives adore: "Enough for me and none for thee."

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